Joyous Consultancy provides specialist care and nursing training throughout the UK. In addition, we work with Health and Social Care Providers of all sizes, who need training or consultancy services to improve their organisational performance.

Our executive training team are highly qualified and experienced individuals who have their own specialist training areas to make sure that the courses are meeting the training needs in the workplace to enable you or your staff to deliver outstanding care and support service.

The top priority is to focus on every staff member who attends our training that they have the knowledge and the competency to deliver care and support to lift the standards of performance in your organisation.

Aims & Objectives

We work to build capacity and upgrade standards of your service delivery

Our aim is to build capacity both for the organisation and staff, to deliver outstanding performance in the care practice.
We achieve this by collaborating with other health professionals to help in structuring, updating the training materials and delivering the courses, to ensure our client receives the most up to date training.

To ensure we are fit for the purpose

We constantly examine our operations to ensure we successfully achieve our stated aims and purposes. To achieve this we make certain that we get feedback from our clients and we use this to improve our service delivery.

Progressive Relations

We strive to build positive relationships with our clients through listening and responding to their organisation’s training needs.

Our Values

We are committed to delivering quality training that is up to date, to ensure our clients are able to deliver an outstanding service.

We adhere to the professional code of ethics by upholding high standards of integrity in all our services.

We highly value our clients’ needs and strive to uphold their dignity to the best of our abilities.

We develop and maintain positive relationships with our clients and follow up, to see that we have built sufficient capacity to deliver.