Cough Assist Management

Cough Assist

Course Overview

Cough assist machines are a key element in management of specific group of patients – enabling them to maintain their independence, preventing hospitalisations and respiratory complications increasing comfort, autonomy and wellbeing of patients . Indisputably in many cases (frequently) increasing lifespan of patients.

We train your staff in the use of such machines and on a specific device(s) of your choice. Bedside management and follow-up training can also be provided on request.

This course is for Nurses and all healthcare providers (carers/physioterapist and others) looking after patients with neuromuscular conditions requiring the use of cough assist device in order to clear their secretions (and remain infection free).

Course Overview

  • Manual vs mechanical cough assist – when to use which ?
  • Indications/ contraindications/ risks and benefits of mechanical cough assist device
  • How to assemble, clean and maintain cough assist machine
  • Infection prevention
  • Machine settings and frequency of use
  • Machines most commonly available on the UK market, their specifics, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Use of interface (mouthpiece/face-mask, traceostomy tube connector)
  • When to raise concern
  • Management of emergencies

Please note: Procedures and practical sessions are simulated on a maniquin