Course Overview

Epilepsy training course aims to raise awareness about epilepsy and management of seizures.
This course will cover different types of seizures, how to diagnose them and the treatment available. It includes an essential first aid guide (necessary to support a person having a seizure), care and treatment planning, risk management and case studies. As well as providing further guidance for when you face the situation.

Topics Covered

  • Epilepsy – what it is, how is it caused and how to recognise it.
  • Different types of seizures
  • Status epilepticus
  • SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy)
  • Risk assessment + care planning
  • (Dealing with) emergencies
  • Psychological + psychosocial impact of epilepsy
  • Where to seek help and advice? – governmental and charitable organisations
  • Useful apps + support networks

Our Packages:

  1.  Half day refresher
  2. Full day training + simulation with an assessment of competencies
  3. Full day training + simulation
  4. Training, simulation + candidates’ assessment of competencies