PEG Care Management & Feeding Pumps Training

PEG Feeding

Course Overview

The course gives delegates an underpinning knowledge of the theory including topics such as: what is enteral feeding? Different enteral feeding devices and indications for enteral feeding, and caring for enteral tubes. We will discuss the administration of feeds and medicines via enteral tubes with a practical competency element using a clinical doll to assess a person’s ability to deliver fluids and care for a tune that has become dislodged. The session will be tailored and answer any relevant questions the delegates have.

Course Overview

  • The purpose of PEG feeding
  • Conditions that may require a PEG
  • Indications and contra indications of PEG
  • The procedures for feeding and administering medications via PEG
  • Recognising, dealing with and reporting complications
  • The care and maintenance of enteral feeding tubes
  • Procedures for effective mouth care
  • Documentation and record-keeping
  • Practical session

Be advised:
Our PEG Feeding training covers a practical session, – Joyous Consultancy, will supply the necessary equipment for the training and also if the trained organisation uses specific machine you may be able to provide access to it for the duration of the training course. Our Training Experts are knowledgeable in a variety is PEG Feeding machines such that if you have a specific machine you need to be trained or your organisation uses then you will need to provide access to it for the duration of the training course.

Price Packages

Joyous Consultancy, offer three (3) pricing packages of this PEG feeding training course.
1. Half-day refresher
2. Full day with simulated competency
3. A full day of training
4. For group session and discount will review on what subjects needed.
We take maximum of 10 people